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About Us

HLR Spares started in Henlade unintentionally in July 2013 when Sean’s discovery 2 had been parked up for months after breaking down. Sean started to remove parts on his driveway, they were then cleaned, pictured and listed on ebay, facebook and forums. After quickly recuperating his money Sean purchased another discovery 2 from Ipswich and again all the parts sold very quickly. This lead to a large wooden shed being built on the driveway to store parts. More discoveries were purchased and a container was being rented locally for storage of cleaned items. This went form a 20ft to 40ft container within 2 months and then in January 2014 Sean took on his first 1200 sq ft unit.

Now trying to juggle a full time job as a Aircraft fitter and a busy parts business, Sean started getting help from others removing parts and listing them on ebay. The 1200sq ft unit lasted until November 2014 when next door came available, this was double the size with a packaging room and office. In January 2015 Sean took on a full time breaker and a part time admin assistant to keep up with demands for Land Rover Parts. The range of Land Rover variants increased to Discovery 1,2,3,4 Freelander 1 &2, Range Rover Classic, P38,Sport and L322. In November 2017 another full time breaker was added to the team and HLR Spares needed more space.

In January 2018 Sean took on a second unit just to De pollute and dismantle Land Rovers, whilst keeping the other unit for storage. After successfully juggling a full time job and running HLR Spares inline for 6 years, in August 2019 Sean left his full time job so he could focus on the day to day running of the business. The first few months felt very strange not having to finish at a certain time to go and work nights. Now in 2022 HLR Spares is a fully Licensed ELV Breaker with 5 members of staff, processing over 150 Land Rovers a year and selling over five hundred parts a month.

Please don't hesitate to call for any advice or with an enquiry 01460 281080 alternatively e-mail

We are VAT registered and fully licensed with The DVLA and Environment Agency as an Authorised Treatment Facility and ELV centre.

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